Current Exhibitions

Annie Ovenden

11th May - 29th May 2017

Annie’s work manages to convey the beauty of the landscape while facing its harshness head on. She reveals this balancing act in her new show for the Catto... It’s a wonderful collection by one of England’s most important living painters.

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Katy Sullivan

11th May - 29th May 2017

Katy’s paintings combine elements that every viewer can relate to: the innocence of children; nostalgia for the past; the mystery of nature. They also hint at stories that keep us searching for clues. We are excited about showing Katy's first exhibition at the gallery.

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Philip Jackson

April 2017

Fans of Philip’s work will be thrilled to see this show delve deeper into the psychology of the human form. Curious hooded figures abound, each rising out of the ground like organic structures. There is such skill and subtlety at play here. But then Philip has dedicated himself to his craft for around 60 years and is more in demand than ever.

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Leon Belsky

Catto Below - May 2017

The Russian-Canadian painter – back for another Catto show is a celebrated artist whose work is loved by private collectors and exhibited by public galleries all over the world.

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Forthcoming Exhibitions

David Farrer

11th – 30th June 2017

David Farrer spends a lot of time amongst the wildlife in Africa. Each visit provides him with a jumbo-sized bonus of inspiration. Catto Gallery is proud to be presenting his latest papier-mâché sculptures.

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Mark Hall

11th-30th June 2017
Catto Gallery is proud to present Mark Hall's first official exhibition at the gallery. British viewers will fall in love with his outsize horse chestnuts which are magnificent tactile creations.

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Stefan Almers

"At the edge of the stage with David Bowie"
After 40 years, Stefan Almers found nine of his previously unseen and intimate photographs of David Bowie live on stage in 1976. Catto Gallery will be showing them in June.

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Previous Exhibitions

Rachel Deacon

2nd - 20th March 2017

Rachel’s blend of the traditional and the contemporary has proved a potent mix. She is one of the Catto’s most beloved artists. This will be her third show at the Catto since her debut in 2012.

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Richard Twose

9th – 27th February 2017

After coming second in the BP Portrait Award at the National Portrait Gallery in 2014, Richard Twose decided it was time to become a full-time artist. He has subsequently had a series of fascinating commissions and his work is now held in several private and public collections in this country and internationally. This is his first exhibition with the Catto.

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John Duffin

Sunday 4th – 22nd December 2016
These paintings and etchings are celebrations of the city, skirmishes between light and dark... John’s work is an unperturbed reminder of creativity and confidence in the city.

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Ian Berry

16th - 30th November 2016

Ian's  new works will certainly expand his fanbase. Their technical brilliance and emotional complexity mark a new phase in his career. Wherever your home is, it should certainly have one.

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Derek Balmer

10th - 28th November 2016

Derek Balmer’s glorious new show is full of vivid and colourful semi-abstract landscapes. Inspired by scenes in Italy, France and Spain, his paintings sum up the memory and feeling of being there.

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