Kees Alderliesten

For this most committed of artists, every work is like a beloved child..."I’m just not too comfortable about selling my work. In fact, it breaks my heart.”

Graham Arnold

The Ruralists aims and ideals still provide an extremely fertile ground for a figurative, landscape-based art that still touches resonant chords in our psychic imagination

Derek Balmer

Derek Balmer abstracts the memory of what made it a good place to be, to see. He follows Picasso’s dictum about drawing: You must close your eyes and sing.

Leon Belsky

It's easy to be overwhelmed when standing in front of one of Leon Belsky's outsized still-lives...These imposing images convey a deep respect for natural forms like many great works from the romantic tradition.

Ian Berry

We all love denim, don't we? It's the great democratic fabric, worn by everyone from the farmer to the aristocrat, the manual worker to the oligarch.

Alain Bertrand

The power of his canvases is his ability to entice us, hearts racing, into a paradise that, just for several moments, has not yet totally vanished.

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