Eric Roux-Fontaine exhibition 2024
Current Exhibition

Eric Roux-Fontaine

23rd May – 10th June

Belinda Eaton image

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Bruce Yardley
Forthcoming exhibition

Bruce Yardley

7th – 25th July

Mark Edwards Artist Painter Surrealist The Blue Wood image

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Rachel Deacon-Exhibition-2024

Recent Exhibition

Rachel Deacon

Solo exhibition

2nd – 20th May 2024

Rachel Deacon painting

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Simon Garden exhibition 2024
Recent Exhibition - Catto Below

Simon Garden

11th April - 20th May 2024

Simon Garden exhibition image

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Simon Garden A Life in Art


Simon Garden

Simon Garden A Life in Art

A short film about the artist Simon Garden exploring his work and techniques including making his own oil paint, his methods and inspirations.

Philip Jackson Large Sculptures
Large Sculptures

Philip Jackson

Endre Roder exhibition image

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Pam Hawkes

Previous Exhibition

Pam Hawkes

21st March - 8th April

Pam Hawkes image

This new collection of work by Pam Hawkes is an absolute treat for her many fans. Pam has developed a style that combines the majesty of Byzantine icons with the mystery of the modern.

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