Exhibitions 2015

Alex Russell Flint Solo exhibition 2015

19th November - 3rd December

This new show takes his combination of supreme classical technique and erotic intrigue to new heights. It’s a new high for Alex and his fans.

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James Mortimer exhibition 2015

19th November - 10th December

By being so singular, so transparently dedicated to his own naughty worldview, James Mortimer has amassed an army of collectors. This show will earn him many more.

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Bernhard Vogal exhibition 2015

8th - 26th October

In this new show, we see evidence of Bernhard’s special gifts again and again. He’s one of the gallery’s most exciting and well-loved artists.

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Clive McCartney exhibition 2015

10th - 29th September

This new collection of works by Clive McCartney includes intoxicating visions of La Bastille, New York’s Grand Central Station, Greenwich Park, medieval Sienna and Aix en Provence.

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Haydn Cottam Catto Below exhibition 2015

10th - 29th September

These breathtaking landscapes, full of atmospheric light and colour, confidently celebrate our relationship with the environment and its mystery and ambivalence.

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Fleur Deakin exhibition 2015

4th - 23rd June

Fleur Deakin describes her aesthetic as slightly terrifying - inspired simultaneously by the painterly qualities of the Fauve artists and the impressionists yet also by the naked emotion of the abstract expressionists.

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Colin Fraser exhibition 2015

14th May - 2nd June

Colin Fraser's remarkable tempera still-lives and landscapes have a luminosity that seems to irradiate from them. It’s an effect that conjures a remembering of the timeless moment or mood they seem to capture.

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Annie Ovenden - exhibition 2015

16th April - 5th May

Annie Ovenden's gift has always been to pinpoint precisely the feelings she has received from the sight in the landscape and then convey it with deceptive directness and simplicity.

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Chuck Elliott exhibition 2015

5th - 24th March

Chuck’s images dazzle the eye with their complexity. They look like nothing else out there. Why? Because he simply has great ideas. And he uses digital manipulation to push these ideas to unimaginable new places.

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Kees Alderliesten exhibition 2015

12th February - 3rd March

Kees Alderliesten is still experimenting still striving for new forms of expression. And it’s what makes him an artist who is not just inspired by 500 years of tradition, but genuinely part of it.

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