Forthcoming Exhibitions

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Belinda Eaton

29th February – 18th March

Belinda says her experiences from around the world have given her the perspective of the outsider and infused her singular artistic vision.

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Previous Exhibitions

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Christmas Mix

3rd – 22nd December 2023
A large selection of new paintings and sculptures from gallery artists. Prices from £500 - £5000.

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Marc Chalme exhibition page image

Marc Chalmé exhibition

9th – 30th November 2023
Marc hosted his first solo exhibition in 2005. Since then he has shown consistently in galleries across Europe, New York and Boston to great acclaim. His last major show was at the Galerie Claudine Legrand in Paris in 2022. 

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Catto Gallery Art materialism front cover image

Art Material-ism

19th October – 6th November
Art Materialism – is it a movement? A collective of artists coming together with a shared enthusiasm for creating artwork with all manner of materials.

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Poul Webb exhibition image

Poul Webb

28th September – 16th October 2023
Paul loves the geometry of the man-made environment and began incorporating it into his painting after seeing the paintings of Grant Wood and Edward Hopper.

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Ramsay Gibb painting image

Ramsay Gibb

7th – 25th September 2023
In this new set of paintings Ramsay continues with his favoured subject matter. His mission this time is to explore how the effect of light turns the surface of the Atlantic Ocean into a constantly changing – almost living – entity.

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Julian Vilarrubi Field VII image

Julian Vilarrubi

29th June – 23rd July 2023
Julian's works are included in the collections of Leeds City Council, TSB Group London Citibank, The National Trust and in private collections across Europe and the USA.

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Haydn Cottam Gnarly Tree image

Haydn Cottam

29th June – 23rd July 2023
Born in Merseyside, Haydn is one of the celebrated generation of British painters to have emerged from St Martin’s College of Art in the eighties – a cohort that included Gavin Lockhart and Peter Doig.

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Women Painting Women image

Women Painting Women

8th – 27th June 2023
Catto Gallery has brought together six female artists, plus one sculptor and asked for artworks exclusively of the female form. This new exhibition is a showcase for different approaches. There’s a certain female insight and empathy on display, but most of all, there’s talent. And that speaks for itself regardless of gender.

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Nicholas Verrall painting image

Nicholas Verrall

23rd March – 17th April 2023
Nick’s new show is another masterclass by one of the UK’s great landscape painters.  His technical skills - colour blending, glazing, brushwork effects, impasto and layers of varnish - produce consistently evocative work.  This new exhibition has gorgeous paintings of Provence, Tuscany, Venice, Norfolk, Polperro and Hampstead.

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Endre Roder Catherine image

Endre Roder

23rd February – March 14th 2023
Endre Röder is inspired by women, and by the creative choices of painters-of-women who came before him - Cezanne, Renoir, Gauguin, Picasso, Modigliani and others. His beautiful paintings contain elements with rich possibilities for any artist: fruit, flowers, opulent head wear and jewellery. 

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