Forthcoming Exhibitions

Colin Fraser exhibition image

Colin Fraser exhibition 2022

22nd May – 7th June 2022
Colin has been painting with egg tempera for over 40 years, and is at the height of his artistic powers. His new show 'Conjured Memories' is full of beautifully crafted still-lives and landscapes.

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Previous Exhibitions

Clive McCartney

Extended to 15th March
For those dreaming of foreign travel again this year, Clive McCartney will inspire you with wonderful paintings from Granada, Tunisia, Rome, Paris, Greece and Manhattan amongst others.

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Small is Beautiful exhibition image

Small is Beautiful

27th November - 19th December 2021
We will be exhibiting small works by all our artists and sculptors. Come and find the ideal Christmas present!

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Endre Roder painting image

Endre Roder

6th – 20th November 2021
The enigmatic women of Endre Roder have been beguiling art collectors across the world for 30 years. Now they have arrived at the Catto Gallery for the first time.

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Changing seasons image

Changing seasons

7th – 30th October 2021

As we step into Autumn, we are delighted to present this new group exhibition that celebrates the diverse qualities of Britain’s changing seasons.


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Richard Twose Liberty Misleading the People image

Richard Twose 2021

9th – 30th September 2021
Past Imperfect - In this exhibition Richard Twose re-examines his wild biography. A journey that embraces evangelical Christianity, animal rights activism, revolutionary communism and dark family secrets.

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Mixed Summer exhibition image

Summer mixed exhibition

July - August 2021
Throughout the summer we will be exhibiting a selection of artworks and regularly rotating what is on display in the gallery. Several of our recent exhibitions were held during lockdown, making it difficult for anyone to see the artwork. These included shows by Alain Bertrand, Derek Balmer and Simon Garden. We are now open as usual, please do come into see the exhibitions and ask for further information if you missed a particular show.

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Rachel Deacon exhibition image

Rachel Deacon 2021 exhibition

19th June - 7th July 2021
Rachel has a passion for storytelling. She regularly uses the written word as inspiration for her work, fixing on a poem or short story as the starting point for a series of sketches that will evolve into the finished piece. This is how Rachel imbues her luminous oil paintings with mystery and ambiguity.

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Helen Sinclair image

Helen Sinclair exhibition 2021

19th June - 7th July 2021
Sculptor Helen Sinclair was born and lives in South Wales. She has worked from a studio on the Gower coast for over 30 years. This corner of the world defines her art – sometimes literally. “I collect driftwood, broken furniture, discarded debris and other beach-found stuff, all of which regularly introduce new and unexpected vocabulary to explore” she says. “The materials I work with are as stimulating to me as the subject matter.”

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Poul Webb Provence Landscape II image

Poul Webb exhibition 2021

22nd May - 16th June 2021
Poul Webb’s flattened landscapes and perspective reimagines the man-made elements, he also throws out any suggestion of ‘realistic’ colour. The end result is a joyous painting style that hovers somewhere between the real and the abstract.

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Fantastic Art

1st – 19th May 2021
Bushra Fakhoury, David Farrer, Pam Hawkes, Lesley Kebbell, James Mortimer Jhuma Sharma Roy, Lesley Kebbell.

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Simon Garden Storm exhibition Image

Simon Garden 2021

10th – 28th April 2021
We are delighted to welcome back Simon Garden for his second show at Catto Gallery.  Simon’s dream-like landscapes have an atmosphere of suspense and mystery.  His paintings ask questions and leave the answers hanging in the air.

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Derek Balmer catalogue image

Derek Balmer

6th – 24th March 2021
We welcome Derek Balmer back for his sixth solo show with the gallery. Once again displaying his effortless qualities in capturing light and colour.

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Alain Bertrand Palm spring at night image

Alain Bertrand

6th – 24th February 2021
Alain Bertrand can now add ‘Louvre Artist’ to his CV! 2 of his paintings have been bought by the Black Gold museum in Riyadh (twinned with the Louvre in Abu Dhabi) to be exhibited by both museums over a period of years.

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Ania Hobson Cruising image

London Art Fair

Wednesday 20th – Sunday 31st January 2021
This month we are taking part in the first ever London Art Fair online. This will be a virtual exhibition of a selection of paintings and sculptures from over 50 galleries. There will be individual viewing rooms for clients to enter and commentaries about the artworks. You will receive an email from us soon with details of how to visit the show.

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John Duffin Royal Opera House image

John Duffin

5th - 23rd December 2020
A brand new collection of works from the easel of John Duffin – a painter of cities and urban life.  With a background in naval architecture the buildings in John’s paintings frequently take centre stage but the city’s inhabitants are always there too to give meaning and life to the landscape.

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Matthew Maran Kenwood House and Sea wall image

Matthew Maran

28th November – 3rd December 2020
We have an exhibition of outstanding photographs by award winning photographer Matthew Maran. Matthew specialises in documenting the urban wildlife and landscapes of Hampstead Heath. His show will run for one week only and his Hampstead Heath calendars are also available for £10 each.

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Brett Humphries Exhibition 2020 image

Brett Humphries

7th - 26th November 2020
Brett Humphries commitment to his work is total. The preparation begins long before the painting process even starts. In this new collection there are three paintings of cupcakes, which were all hand made by the artist. These were the three successes after over 125 failures.

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Mark Edwards Two Strangers painting image

Mark Edwards

17th October – 4th November 2020
Mark’s paintings are full of drama and unresolved tension, he often thinks of them in more geometric terms. He likes to explore the ‘verticality’ of the men and the trees. We are delighted to be showing his work again.

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Nicholas Verrall Exhibition 2020 image

Nicholas Verrall

26th September – 14th October 2020
Nicholas Verrall is one of the world’s most in-demand impressionist painters. In the course of a celebrated career, he has dedicated himself to the tradition.

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Philip Jackson Sculptor exhibition 2020 image

Philip Jackson

June - October 2020

Our new exhibition showcases the exquisite craft of the sculptor Philip Jackson. Fans of Philip’s work will be thrilled to see this show offers several new maquettes, many inspired by the masked figures of Venice. Philip Jackson is Britain’s leading sculptor of public works. His pieces include Bobby Moore at Wembley and Bomber Command in Green Park. He was recently commissioned to create a national memorial to emergency workers.

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Ania Hobson Zosia painting figurative Catto Gallery exhibition 2020 image

Ania Hobson

5th - 23rd September 2020
We are delighted to announce that award-winning artist Ania Hobson will be exhibiting with us this Autumn.  This will be Ania's first solo exhibition in London and there will be around 30 new paintings included.   Images will be available to view on the website in August.

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Bruce Yardley exhibition image

Bruce Yardley

Catto Below July - August 2020

Bruce Yardley brings us an exhibition of accomplished cityscapes from Florence, Bruges, Oxford, London and Paris. There are also a series of charming interiors. This is high quality work, executed by an artist who has studied light for his entire career. 

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Alan Parry

18th July – 5th August 2020
In his beguiling new show, Alan Parry returns again, not only to celebrate the beauty of the English outdoors, but to explore the world of flamingos and parrots in the tropics.

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Sue Fitzgerald

18th July – 5th August 2020
One of the country’s great colourists, the joy of Sue Fitzgerald’s work lies in its beauty – vibrant fabrics and Chinese pots compete with flowers and fruit, heightened by stunning coloured backgrounds.

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Clive McCartney Study in Yellow image

Clive McCartney

19th March – 6th April 2020
Navigating Colour –  a new collection of paintings from globe trotting artist Clive McCartney.



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Catto Gallery Walasse Ting Exhibition Catalogue 2020 image

Walasse Ting

4th – 17th March 2020
We are delighted to have received a new consignment of original Walasse Ting paintings. Come and see these stunning paintings at the gallery during March.

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Fletcher Sibthop Sargasso IV unfinished female nude swimming water contemporary painting

Fletcher Sibthorp

6th – 24th February 2020
Our second solo exhibition for the acclaimed painter Fletcher Sibthorp with some soft, figurative paintings in black and white and a selection of dynamic underwater paintings.

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Catto Art Gallery Christmas Pudding Xmas Exhibition image

Small is beautiful

December 2019 - January 2020

Come and visit our new show - Small is Beautiful. A really special selection of small-scale paintings and sculptures from over 30 of our artists.

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London Art Fair Ramsay Gibb studio image

London Art Fair 2020

22nd-26th January

We will be exhibiting dramatic new works by Ian Berry and Ramsay Gibb and some previously unseen paintings by Walasse Ting at the London Art Fair, Stand G38, Business Design Centre, Islington. We have a few free entrance tickets for the fair so do get in touch if you would like us to send you one.

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