Forthcoming Exhibitions

London Art Fair January 16th – 20th

We are attending the London Art Fair at the Islington Design Centre 16th – 20th January. Exhibiting artists are Derek Balmer, Ian Berry, Richard Twose and Walasse Ting. Our stand is G38, please do come to see us.

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Previous Exhibitions

John Duffin Hoover Building Dusk Oil Painting image

John Duffin

2nd – 22nd December
John Duffin is an award-winning contemporary painter and printmaker whose work is based on the modern environments of cities and towns. His cityscapes of architecture, lighting and figures have a distinctive artistic voice and much to say about contemporary urban life. John’s paintings are in the tradition of LS Lowry and Edward Hopper, and hold references to cinema, graphic novels and the history of figurative painting.

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Helen Sinclair Falling Man Bronze garden contemporary figurative art gallery Hampstead Catto London image

Helen Sinclair

8th - 26th November 2018
Helen Sinclair's bronze and resin sculptures can be figurative or abstract, sometimes playful sometimes melancholy. One thing they have in common though is the ability to move the viewer. We are excited to be showing her latest collection in November.

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Mark Edwards

Catto Below: November 2018
The Catto Gallery is pleased to be presenting Mark Edward's return to the gallery with a new collection of stunning surrealist masterpieces. Watch this space for more information.

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Brett Humphries Strawberries and Cream still life image

Brett Humphries

8th - 26th November 2018
We're excited to be showing Brett Humphries long awaited exhibition of stunning and superbly crafted hyper real still lives. Brett's work is influenced by old masters but from a modern perspective. Brett Humphries last exhibition was a sell out. Don't miss this in November.

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Mark Godwin

Catto Below: 18th October - 5th November 2018

The motif of Landscape has been a major part of Mark Godwin’s work for over 30 years, greatly influenced by the 18th century Romantic notion of the Sublime, and our longing for an emotional encounter with nature. These paintings resonate.

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Catto Gallery Derek Balmer abstract artist exhibition catalogue 2018

Derek Balmer

27th September - 15th October 2018
Derek Balmer, is a much respected and collected British abstract artist at the height of his powers, returns to the gallery with a stunning and joyously exhilarating new exhibition of works.

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Nicholas Verrall

6th – 24th September 2018

Highly collectable artist Nick Verrall returns to Catto Gallery with his latest stunning and evocative lanscapes from around the world.

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Ramsey Gibb Seascape painter traditional British landscape painting surging over the rocks image

Ramsay Gibb - Seascapes

9th – 31st August 2018
Catto Gallery is thrilled to present a series of new paintings of the sea by highly-collected artist Ramsay Gibb. Ramsay’s haunting, elemental paintings sit proudly in the grand tradition of British landscape painting.

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Catto Gallery Mixed Summer Exhibition Feather Your Nest image

Feather Your Nest - Mixed Summer Exhibition

20th July to 7th August 2018
This is a curated exhibition of paintings and sculptures inspired by birds and feathers including work by Rachel Deacon, Pam Hawkes, James Mortimer, Katy Sullivan, papier-mâché bird sculptures by David Farrer and new gallery artist Rebecca Jewell.

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Bruce Yardley Exhibition 2018 Pink Umbrella Basilica San Marco image

Bruce Yardley

27th June – 16th July 2018
Bruce Yardley remains an immensely popular and successful impressionist. His paintings are always meticulously composed, his commitment is total – and admirable. As a viewer, it is impossible to resist. We are proud to present his latest works through June and July.

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Alan Parry exhibition catalogue cover image

Alan Parry

7th June – 25th June 2018
A welcome return for Alan Parry, who takes inspiration from previous generations of English rural painters such as Paul Nash. For all his paintings' ambiguity, they remain sumptuous and reveal Alan’s dreamy vision of England and her gardens.

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Sue Fitzgerald colourist mixed media artist painter contemporary art Catto Gallery image

Sue Fitzgerald

17th May – 4th June 2018
Sue Fitzgerald is back at the Catto Gallery with a vivid and vibrant show to welcome in the spring. This new exhibition of paintings showcases her love of intense colour and appetite for travelling to exotic lands. Catto Gallery are proud to exhibit one of Britain’s finest colourists.

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Clive McCartney Morning Sun The Mall Painting London contemporary art image

Clive McCartney

19th April – 14th May 2018
Catto Gallery is proud to be presenting Clive McCartney's latest exhibition of stunning cityscapes from around the world. Clive has worked relentlessly over four decades to become the master he is today.

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Catto Gallery Alain Bertrand Times Square 1955 Post War Americana Painter image

Alain Bertrand

22nd March – 14th April 2018
Alain Bertrand's latest exhibition is a pure iconic Americana. Classic Bertrand, colourful and bustling New York streets are tempered by black and white 50s glamour. It's easy to lose yourself in the French artist's technically brilliant and evocative imagery.

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Simon Garden RWA Catto Gallery 2018 exhibition catalogue image

Simon Garden RWA

22nd March – 14th April 2018
"The paintings of Simon Garden reveal a parallel world of haunting mystery.... of legends and myths and memories of long ago, all imbued with a golden light and an atmosphere of suspense"
Derek Balmer, President, Royal West of England Academy (2001-10)

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Fletcher Sibthorp exhibition catalogue image

Fletcher Sibthorp

8th - 26th February 2018
Highly acclaimed painter Fletcher Sibthorp makes his Catto Gallery debut at an interesting moment in his development in a series called The Quiet Space. He says “The Quiet Space series is for me my most personal work. I have found reward over the years in producing artworks that just ‘are’.

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Mixed Sculpture Exhibition Catalogue image

Mixed Sculpture Exhibition

December 2017
Leading up to Christmas we have an exciting sculpture exhibition introducing four new artists from around the world: Fabienne Auzolle from France, Stephen Glassborow from Australia, John Huggins from Britain and Israeli sculptor Nimrod Messeg from Spain.

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Fleur Deakin exhibition Catalogue image

Fleur Deakin

3rd – 23rd December 2017
What Fleur puts on canvas are beautiful explosions of colour that hover between the abstract and the representational. They also hover between painting and sculpture. Come and see her work at the Gallery.

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Catto Gallery Alex Russell exhibition catalogue cover image

Alex Russell Flint

November 2017
Alex’s classical technique and his ability to build a powerful narrative into his painting has made him one of the world’s most sought-after young artists. We are excited about showing Alex's second exhibition at the gallery.

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James Mortimer Goatlandscape image

James Mortimer

November 2017
James Mortimer's latest exhibition features many allusions to the lofty achievements of renaissance painting. It’s full of big ideas delivered with technical panache.

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Chuck Elliott

November 2017
Chuck Elliott's exhibition of work is a brilliant explosion of geometric ideas. “I like the idea of contemporary abstraction as visually synonymous with the pace and dynamism of modern music.” Says the artist. Come and see for yourself.

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Colin Fraser Egg Tempera Landscape Artist Solo Exhibition Catto Gallery image

Colin Fraser

October - November 2017
In September we have a show of brand new works by egg tempera artist Colin Fraser. Colin is one of Catto Gallery’s most collected artists, and is a master of his medium. His exquisite paintings include still-lives, seascapes and a new series of cityscapes from Toronto.

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Walasse Ting Chinese Contemporary Artist Solo Exhibition London image

Walasse Ting

28th September – 16th October 2017

Seven years after his death, Walasse Ting’s place as a giant of 20th century painting is assured. In this new exhibition, Catto Gallery is excited to reveal a selection of never-before-seen Ting paintings. They come direct from the artist’s estate and showcase the vivid style that collectors love best: of sensuous women, inscrutable animals and floral bursts.

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