Exhibitions 2022

John Duffin exhibition image

John Duffin

4th – 22nd December 2022
This exhibition is full of uncompromisingly urban pictures where the built environment takes precedent over its inhabitants. For sure, there are plenty of people but they are dwarfed by their surroundings and take second place to the living city.

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Rebekah Mooney still life image

Rebekah Mooney

10th – 28th November 2022
In her unique paintings, Rebekah updates the still life template of the Dutch masters by lining up beautiful natural materials such as fruit, flowers and shellfish next to modern branded products: beer bottles, coffee jars and tin cans.

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Brett Humphries Swedish Buns image

Brett Humphries

10th – 28th November 2022
Brett’s paintings are designed to be enjoyed from a distance, but also from up-close just like a miniature.  By burying his brushstrokes inside the objects he draws the viewer in. The aim is to make the observer feel they can pick an object straight out of the painting.

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Mark Edwards painting mage

Mark Edwards

20th October – 7th November 2022
Mark arranges his unsettling vignettes around a small number of motifs – the house, the ravens, the trains and the red balloons. He concedes there is a slightly darker edge to his paintings this time. "I'm aware there's an ominous quality to some of the works," he says. "Maybe it's the state of the world."­

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Walase Ting exhibition image

Walasse Ting

Now Showing in Catto Below
Walasse Ting’s place as a giant of 20th century painting is assured. In this new exhibition, Catto Gallery is excited to reveal a selection of never-before-seen paintings. They showcase Ting’s unique and exuberant style that collectors love best.

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Paul Slater exhibition image

Paul Slater

8th - 27th September 2022
Paul Slater occupies a unique place in contemporary British art. During the nineties, his surreal and humorous illustrations were seen and loved by millions on the pages of The Week, The Listener and many other major publications.

Paul Slater was made The Association of Illustrators ‘Illustrator of the Year’ in 1996 and became Patron the same year. In 2001 he won the Glenfiddich Visual Category Award.

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Bruce Yardley Salute and Gondolas Venice image

Bruce Yardley

3rd – 21st July 2022
Bruce Yardley’s new exhibition delivers sumptuous works based on his travels to New York, Paris and Venice, and there are lovely depictions of more local treasures: Kew Gardens, The Thames at Richmond, Oxford Cathedral, Bath Abbey.

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Sue Fitzgerald Wildflowers Troodos Mountains Cyprus image

Sue Fitzgerald

12th- 30th June 2022
Sue is one of the Catto’s best loved and longest serving artists. This new exhibition is as vivid, colourful and bright as ever. Her paintings are inspired by exotic silks, ceramics and other artefacts gathered from her travels to favourite

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Colin Fraser exhibition image

Colin Fraser

22nd May – 7th June 2022
Colin has been painting with egg tempera for over 40 years, and is at the height of his artistic powers. His new show 'Conjured Memories' is full of beautifully crafted still-lives and landscapes.

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Clive McCartney

Extended to 15th March 2022
For those dreaming of foreign travel again this year, Clive McCartney will inspire you with wonderful paintings from Granada, Tunisia, Rome, Paris, Greece and Manhattan amongst others.

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