Exhibitions 2019

George Underwood Exhibition Catto Gallery 2019

George Underwood

14th November – 2nd December 2019
George Underwood is a figurative British artist. Known for designing album covers for bands during the 1970’s. We are delighted to be showing a collection of his paintings for the first time.

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Bernhard Vogel 1955 Isle de Paris Catto Gallery image

Bernhard Vogel

November 2019
Bernhard Vogel is the master of line and perspective. His dazzlingly complex compositions, combined with visceral textures and nuanced colour, vividly capture the drama and mystery of the city.

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Tom Hiscocks

November 2019
Tom Hiscocks’ sculptures are made from layers of metal or acrylic, welded together by hand to form a coherent whole. This means they change according to angle of view. From the side they are solid entities, viewed face on his sculptures almost disappear from sight.

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Colin Fraser - Transience

3rd – 21st October 2019
Colin Fraser has long been established as one of the world’s leading egg tempera painters. This new exhibition ‘Transience’ reflects the artist’s desire to capture on canvas the temporary and fleeting nature of the world.
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Sergei Chepik The Bench exhibition image

Sergei Chepik

Catto Below - October 2019
Sergei Chepik (1953 – 2011) was one of the greatest painters to emerge from the former Soviet Union. So forceful is his vision that even if it’s full meaning is not comprehended it’s power and anguish is undiminished.

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Ian Berry

30th June - 28th July 2019
Opening soon - Hotel California - the long awaited new show from Ian Berry, a unique talent in the art world whose 'paintings' are made entirely from denim. Hotel California, is inspired by David Hockney's pool paintings and is an incredible technical achievement. His artworks are the ultimate in upcycling and have been displayed in museums, galleries, department stores, and denim stores all over the world. Prepare to be amazed!

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Poul Webb Jardin Exotique Eze Alpes Maritimes oil canvas French landscape image

Poul Webb - Exhibition 2018

May 2019
In the early 1970s, Poul Webb travelled to Yugoslavia in search of the exotic. He found it. The landscapes reminded him of the work of Grant Wood. Poul began experimenting. He produced beguiling landscape paintings, brightly coloured and arranged in pleasing geometric patterns. This was the origin of a style that Poul is still pursuing, an approach that has made him one of the UK's most acclaimed landscape painters.

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Pop Art image

Ali Esmaeilipour - Selected Works

8th - 24th June 2019

Iranian artist Ali Esmaeilipour’s paintings are disarmingly beautiful, but look carefully and there is often a sense of disquiet – he is not seeking to produce harmonious compositions rather a snapshot of life in movement.

Ali’s paintings have been shown internationally including at the Singapore Art Museum. In 1997, he won the prestigious 4th Biennale at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tehran.

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Gibb After the Wave Seascape image

Ramsay Gibb - Seascapes

8th – 24th June 2019
Catto Gallery is thrilled to present a series of new paintings of the sea by highly-collected artist Ramsay Gibb. Ramsay’s haunting, elemental paintings sit proudly in the grand tradition of British landscape painting.

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Pop Art image

Pop Art

11th - 29th April 2019
Pop Art ironed out the gross inequality of the old world. It was said: there's no high or low art – everything is good. We have gathered a group of ten artists directly influenced by this movement including Peter Blake and Walasse Ting, who show that the spirit of Pop lives on.

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Richard Twose Bull Leaper Painting Contemporary Art-730px.jpg

Richard Twose

7th - 25th March 2019
Richard Twose is a master of the 'non finito', where paintings are carried only to a point, leaving the spectator to fill in for themself. As well as portraits, his beautifully crafted paintings reference, amongst other things, Greek myths, British folklore and quantum physics. We welcome back the award winning artist for his second solo exhibition.

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Rebecca Jewell A Wise Parliament Catto Gallery Contemporary Art Gallery London image

Rebecca Jewell

7th – 26th February 2019
Rebecca Jewell has developed a unique printing technique (based on paper litho transfer) like nothing seen before. She delicately reproduces the natural patterns of exotic bird feathers – and even portraits of the birds themselves - directly on to plain white feathers. Her prints are stunning.

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Pam Hawkes Homecoming Catto Gallery Contemporary Art London image

Pam Hawkes

7th – 26th February 2019
Pam Hawkes has created incomparable works of art whose subject are frequently ethereal women, and whose pallet typically contains gold and copper leaf. At a young age she was drawn to Byzantine icons – the gold-tinged religious paintings created by Eastern European painters of the dark ages and early medieval periods. She says “They inspire a kind of reverence in the viewer. I find this fascinating and love the stillness in these works”.

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London Art Fair January 16th – 20th

We are attending the London Art Fair at the Islington Design Centre 16th – 20th January. Exhibiting artists are Derek Balmer, Ian Berry, Richard Twose and Walasse Ting. Our stand is G38, please do come to see us.

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